Validate your problems, startup ideas to create products which people want Validate your problems, startup ideas, MVP to create products which people want. Mon, 27 Sep 2021 23:58:00 +0000 Building an audience as an indie-maker #customeracquistion #creator The audience-first approach seems to be THE way to be successful as an indie-maker.&nbsp;But building an audience is incredibly difficult. <div>Not everyone is good at writing / talking / video... </div><div><br></div><div>My main problems: </div><div>&nbsp;- finding great content to share</div><div>&nbsp;- be consistent, do this every day</div><div>&nbsp;- make it productive enough so it doesn't affect my creation time too much. <br><div><br></div><div>What's your secrets? </div></div> 3 points posted by Thibault /problems/257-building-an-audience-as-an-indie-maker-customeracquistion-creator 257 Wed, 30 Jun 2021 19:12:00 +0000