• I would divide all decisions into basic everyday decisions and important decisions that will impact the rest of your life.

    For the simple decisions, like which dress you should wear today, trust your intuition, common sense, randomness, or spontaneity.

    But for the long-term decisions, you need to evaluate how they will affect your life from different perspectives. For that reason, I would suggest using the online tool I built, https://www.1st-things-1st.com

    For example, if you want to choose an insurance policy, you would have to do a little research and use these criteria to think through:

    - How much money would you be willing to leave to your loved ones if you left this world suddenly because of an accident?

    - How affordable is it?

    - How flexible is it?

    - How well-known is the company?

    - How much do you trust the company?

    You would list out the insurance policies you are considering and would evaluate each policy by each criterion in percentage. "1st things 1st" would calculate which of the insurance policies fit best to you.

    There are also some prioritization templates to start with, like choosing a home, university, car, or immaterial things like lifetime goals, daily activities, ideas, etc.

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