Meta Discussion for needgap platform

posted by Abishek Muthian 391 days ago  

We can discuss needgap platform's existing features, changes, feature requests in this

page. Thoughtful discussions about the platform are welcome.


Ask queries about existing features of needgap platform after exploring it.


Suggest features for needgap platform after due diligence, but remember all

feature requests cannot be entertained.

Report general User Interface/ User Experience bugs here. If the bug occurs

after a specific change made to the platform, report the bug by replying to the

specific comment mentioning the change.


Complain about users, mail to the moderators regarding policy violations.

Comment on anything out of context from needgap platform here.

Report security vulnerabilities in this thread, please mail to the moderators regarding

security vulnerabilities. Responsible disclosures are welcomed via mail.

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