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Privacy and security of the users on the needgap platform is of utmost importance to me; This is resonated through out the design of this platform.

Privacy Policy

Who we are

Our website address is:

About Us

This platform is run by me -  Abishek Muthian, a seasoned entrepreneur aimed at helping makers build things which people want.

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

Email (optional)

Email is optionally entered by the user while registering (or) later via profile settings. Email is used for sending password reset emails, notifications regarding user user activity such as receiving a comment for their post or reply for their comment, notifications regarding their account and occasional information about the platform and for subscription features. The notifications can be disabled in the profile settings.

Email can be removed in the profile settings, but subscription features cannot be enabled, password reset will not be possible if the user forgets their password and there will be no notifications regarding their posts or comments.

Billing Address (optional)

When subscription is enabled Billing Address is stored for tax invoice purposes as mandated by the government and for fraud prevention by payment gateway. These details are not shared with anyone else apart from the payment gateway and the tax regime.

Analytics and Tracking Technologies


Tracking cookies are not used in needgap.

We use internal analytics on this platform to determine the statistics of the problems, startup ideas discussed in-order to better serve the needgap users.

The analytics data is stored in Google Analytics using anonymized IP address which are not linked to the user account. For more information on how Google uses this data, go to

Advertising related features of Google Analytics are disabled by default on this platform.

Fraud Prevention

IP address of flagged users are stored in one-time hashed format to prevent fraudulent activities and to prevent harm to the needgap platform and our users. This data is not shared with anyone.

We use Cloudflare CDN for performance and security. For more information on how Cloudflare uses the data gathered from this website, go to .


Updates to this privacy policy cannot be emailed to the users as email ids are optional in this website.


If you have any concerns regarding the privacy policy, please email to abishek@ this domain.

Registered & Operating Address

11 A, CS Nagar Main St,
Tamilnadu - 641041
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