• That is a good point. The main reasons for a consumer still need to be researched. From my personal/family experience.

    1. Paying my yoga teacher by transferring money to the bank is a cumbersome process - I wish he just gave me a link and could set up a recurring transfer for him hassle-free.

    2. I keep hearing my mom tell my brother to Paytm to transfer money to a coconut water person, if this experience was simpler then I could track all my payments in one place with simple reminders/invoices.

    3. I could potentially get better deals/cheaper services if I can commit to a certain period of services upfront. (This happens in Software and I can see it happening in other industries as well)

    Essentially it Boils down to

    1. Saving Money

    2. Saving Effort/Time to transfer/Keeping track of leftover balance and making payments.

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