• I have tried a multitude of tools, from LWT (learn with texts) to Readlang web reader and even Language Learning with Netflix, but nothing has beaten the good old fashioned notepad or journal.

    I learn languages as a hobby and I know that vocab and memorization is the first step but natural word choice and syntax come with practice.

    With my own students I offer a 3x4 grid containing columns of "past, present, future" and row of "positive, negative, question, imperative".

    If you learn a recycable expression in Spanish like "que ver con" (to do with), I will create sentences across the grid.

    Esto no tiene nada que ver contigo.

    Esto tiene todo que ver con ella.

    ¿Tiene esto algo que ver con la historia que me contaste la semana pasada?

    Tendrá algo que ver conmigo si no respondes a mis preguntas.

    etc etc

    until I am comfortable with the simple tenses, I will not move on to perfect, conditional, subjunctive.

    It "is " hard work but no app will do the work for you,

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