• Both Apple & Google has implemented so called 'well-being' features which show much we use each app, in the case of Android10 it's even possible shut off few apps for a defined period. The thing is, businesses generally refrain from 'teaching etiquette' to their customers especially if it involves changing decade old habits.

    >Is the interest level among their customers that low?

    More than low, most aren't aware of notification's effect on their productivity and even if they do; it's hard to avoid something which they like. Those 'Like, Shared, Emoji' notifications are the extension of the dopamine hits by which the entire social media industry survives and mobile ecosystem owners such as Apple & Google need to keep their most important customer alive.

    But there seems to be a need gap for smartphone detox, hence dumb phones like 'Light Phone 2' was able to meet its campaign goals at indiegogo - https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/light-phone-2#/.

    I personally have notifications disabled on almost all of the apps, if not tightly configured and even those notifications I receive gets sunk into a smartwatch stuck to my desk.
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