• My solution for a small subset of the forgetting problem:

    I frequently see something and want to try it out the next time I want to do something else. So I emulate User Agent strings and append lots of "like [common thing I search for a lot]" to the bookmark. When I start typing into the search bar for those other things I'll be reminded of the bookmark.

    For example, since file.io is semi-deprecated I decided to try out 0x0.st . But I kept forgetting when I actually needed to transfer a file, so I made a bookmark titled "0x0.st Like file.io".

    As a side note, I have a similar bash function called mean2use that I use to define aliases that wrap a command and ask me if I'd like to do it another way instead or if I'm sure I want to use the command. I've found this is a nice way to retrain my habits.

    (Originally posted in reply to Abishek Muthian on HN, reposting here at his recommendation)

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