• Most of those comments come from haters and the others come from people with genuine concern so i think there should be an app designed in a way that the creator gets to fill out a form with some questions then the app evaluates the type of creator and the type of responses to give based on their personality so the app assigns it to certain people so theyget separate between the hate comments and the concerns of people so they reply to the concerns and report the haters in addition to that i want the app to be a way of making money so people should make an account and be the ones to reply to the comments and report the haters so when thay are done they get an amount of money based on the response and hard work then the money paid by the creator with a large following will go to the app and to the person who worked hard to make sure they are no bad comments so the better the person filters the comments the more they're account is shown to other big creators

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