• This kind of app seems to be getting a lot of developer attention at present. Yay for Users!

    Momento is one of the best in class.

    Free with a limited “privacy tax” and ton of features you didn’t know you needed like: bookmarks that save a brief transcription of the audio along with your personal notes on the clip, LINKED TO THE TIMESTAMP and trigger-able by your AirPod’s “double click” and mass-export to your PKM of choice…. It’s amazing.

    And best of all, IT WORKS for your favorite YOUTUBEs content, AS AUDIO PODCASTS, from within the APP ITSELF!

    (And unlike the native YouTube app, which requires a subscription to YouTube TV, you can listen without keeping your phone’s screen on—don’t tell google, or it’ll surely disappear…).

    Called “Momento - Podcast Clips to Text” in the iOS AppStore.

    Check out:


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