• As explained in the post I was struggling to access large valuable datasets like total historical stock/crypto prices or historical news to analyse patterns and so I built a tool that does this.

    Basically you can get data like stock & crypto prices, news, financials, press releases, shareholder changes, reddit posts via an API in JSON or CSV format. I am adding more exchanges and alternative datasets like eCommerce pricing and stock levels with time. The data goes back decades, It's cleaned, formatted and analysis ready.

    It resolves a few issues:

    - Transparent pricing with no limit to API calls

    - Access to many datasets not limited to one particular region or category

    - No more scraping, Just access the data you want via an API

    - No more managing sorting, wrangling, scraping, indexing infrastructure so you can just focus on building your App, doing your research, analysis or getting an edge in the market

    The project is still in development and looking to launch an Alpha soon. Would love to get any feedback, questions or to simply find out your data needs

    Here is a link: https://gigadata.com.au/

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