• I felt there was a need to simplify finding the "basic" things that would get anyone into a show and these are

    i. The Synopsis

    ii. Rating

    iii. Episode Count

    So I built The Anime Info Platform using data from aniList, over here you can "Search" for any show using the search button

    and retrieve what i think are the "main necessary" details that gets anyone into any show

    Of course if you're still interested in other information such as Staff, Voice Actors, etc. there's the "More Info" button

    which will take you straight to the AniList page of that anime so you can find these details.

    I also included a randomized show generator that refreshes everytime you search for a show or click on the "Surprise me" button

    this will generate 5 random shows for you to check out if you're like me and can't decide on what show to watch at certain times

    Top all of this off with a "dynamic color pallete" and you have yourself a simple environment to find any show you want. It's

    100% web based and as such you don't need to download any app for this. it is 100% responsive on mobile

    you can check it out here: https://anime-info-platform.vercel.app/

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