• Hi everyone! My name is Max and I'm working on GitCom - community-driven open source marketplace.

    GitCom is a platform to monetize open source more efficiently, we believe that it's hard to sustain open source project (especially small/medium-sized) on donations only, that's why we offer developers multiple ways to get financial support for their open source projects.

    For users, it will provide an easy way for users to support independent developers via subscription or donations and get rewards in return

    For developers: help to earn from their open source projects via multiple monetization plans such as open-core, subscription, donations and so on.

    This project is 100% open source (available at github.com/gitcomteam) and we hope to fill that gap in open source monetization. Because we believe that it's really hard to sustain a small/medium-sized open source on donations only, and we offering a solution to change that.

    Website: https://gitcom.org

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