• Forward the email containing the invoice to a dedicated inbox or drag and drop it into your dashboard. Only email addresses authorised by you can send invoices to your account.

    Before scanning an invoice for suspicious activity, CAI has an additional check to scan email domains. When an email containing the invoice is forwarded to the dedicated CAI inbox, all email addresses present in the email chain are verified, and an exception alert is created if an email address remains unidentified.

    This feature acts as the first line of defence against phishing attacks, before scanning the invoice for other aspects of social engineering.

    If you receive an invoice from a supplier that has not been invoiced before, you can quickly approve or reject them with a single click.

    CAI will manage your approved supplier list and even notify you if they send an invoice with different details. We will soon be bringing in a new integration with Companies House.

    Scanned invoices will be automatically uploaded to your ERP, which makes CAI easily fit into your accounts payable process.

    This feature also saves time and reduces data entry errors for your organisation.

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