• Clearly articulated problem statement. In western countries delivery personnel use car/truck, so the packages are arranged according to their visiting schedule in the storage space.

    Since, the bag is the storage space in India and in countries where packages are delivered via motorcycle; there's no choice but to innovate how the packages are arranged within the bag. I'm not sure why Amazon hasn't looked into this, as optimization is their game; I guess it's because their personnel in developed countries deliver via four wheelers and their market in developing countries are relatively new, they didn't face this as an issue.

    Straightforward way to address this would be to include compartments within the bag and arrange the packages according to the visiting schedule in each compartment. Speak to other delivery personnel and ask them to register this as an opinion with their employer to make changes to the delivery bag.

    A startup into smart-bag manufacturing can may be further optimize the solution.

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