• I appreciate fixing the landscape issue.

    As for,
    I have already spent a long time on the app. I don't want to spend any more time if no one is interested.
    You can see from this thread that there's no dearth of solutions trying to help getting things done, yet the need gap is still huge.

    I feel the issue is, task management apps has little to no differentiation and so it's time for finer integrations and solving small niche problems within this huge problem of helping getting things done.

    As a consumer, I've already said your app can help those who use iPad as secondary monitors, although personally I'm not into collecting cute milestones; I see your app as a better, larger stop watch. Perhaps finer automated integrations into some productivity workflow such as slack, teams, email etc. and ability to set the task via desktop/laptop(as that's usually where productivity happens) can add more value.

    As a Startup Coach, I would suggest validating whether there are more consumers like that, whose niche problems you could solve with your product and whether they are willing to pay for getting it solved.
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