• Hey! One of the ways I became super productive was to start using the pomodoro technique, this led me to use the app forest which punishes users who use their phone when the timer is on. I really enjoyed using it however the reward system was different tree species which in my opinion is extremely boring.

    So I thought to myself, why not make an app similar but instead of trees I give them real rewards like mystery boxes and not only that but give the user an avatar they can give experience to. So in essence you start the "game" as a baby and as you finish pomodoro sessions you gain experience and coins. You go from baby to kid to adult. You use coins to buy accessories for your avatar and mystery boxes. Just like in forest if you leave the app you lose are warned and then penalized. As you work hard and grow as an individual so is does your avatar.

    That is how FocusByte was born! I started development 2 months ago and it is almost complete! I would appreciate it so much if you were to sign up to be notified at 


    when it goes live! If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to message me. Thank you, stay safe, and most importantly never stop getting better.

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