• I appreciate the thoughtful comment. I understand that this problem might not be ubiquitous.

    In India, TV channels are digital and are paid for (non-free channels) via set-top box subscription through out the country. Although regulation of facts in Ads have been mulled, there's no progess. Outright misinformation is being spread via Ads on even reputed news channels.

    E.g. Unemployed youths are targeted in a massive Ad campaign for a mobile game featuring leading cricketer, actor, promising large sum of money & asking them to invest their money for profit. This Ad is now featured in every major channels in the country.

    I agree that Ads are crucial for survival of several websites with genuine content, as long as the ads are relevant & connected to the content I have no issues and even major ad blockers don't affect them.

    It's those irrelevant, privacy breaching Ads which I feel is disrespectful to human intellect.

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