• There is always a need gap to save customer's time, definitely so in video editing and I appreciate you looking into it.

    main pain points are synchronizing the video to the music, trimming clips perfectly, and finding the right order of putting clips one after another (and then resynching to the beat).
    Great, I would further urge you to look deeper into these to find the core problem which causes delays  when we do the above tasks. So, that you can build a solution to address it.

    e.g. My main problems when it comes to video editing delays are -

    1. Trimming: Clipping the video at correct frame, often I miss out on a frame and have to revisit it.
    2. Audio: Removing unwanted gaps, pauses in the voice over.
    3. Masking: Blurring selective portions of the video to hide sensitive information.

    Likewise there will be different core problem with each of the pain points you have mentioned and it's necessary to address them to in order to fulfil the need gap effectively otherwise it will be just another video editing software which the customers have no reason to switch over to.
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