• Any tips on getting people to spend 10-15 minutes to talk this?

    Now, that's a great question. Unfortunately, on average people don't know how to identify the core problem for their issue and Builders don't know how to ask for the core problem. That's the main reason I had to create this platform in the first place - To understand the grammar of problems and startup ideas.

    So, it's easier to ask to the people who come here searching for 'Simple video editor for youtube' what they want than asking some random individual about building a video editor.

    That said, I would suggest you to derive a mechanism to identify novice YouTubers who are having issues editing their videos and then hear their editing woes(But identifying the core problem within those woes would be completely on you.).

    of the above, masking is an order of magnitude more complex than the others, implementation wise

    True, an example to show that problems complexity varies. But, if there's one thing Machine Learning does better than humans, it is image processing and so you will find a way when you want to address this.

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