• > Unfortunately, on average people don't know how to identify the core problem for their issue and Builders don't know how to ask for the core problem. That's the main reason I had to create this platform in the first place - To understand the grammar of problems and startup ideas.

    Awesome! I wish I'd known about it sooner :D

    > That said, I would suggest you to derive a mechanism to identify novice YouTubers who are having issues editing their videos and then hear their editing woes(But identifying the core problem within those woes would be completely on you.).

    I kinda' have found this more or less (via reddit), but it's a lot harder than I originally thought. I need to iterate through this, and improve on the process.

    > True, an example to show that problems complexity varies. But, if there's one thing Machine Learning does better than humans, it is image processing and so you will find a way when you want to address this.

    Agreed - if this is an issue for a lot of people, I guess I'll find a way to solve it :)

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