• I think Yogesh is asking for a service which can predict what he needs to do in terms of career advice than just what he wants. So the granularity is expected from the service itself.

    e.g. Say Yogesh works in commercial airlines sector. Since commercial airline industry was the first to go down during pandemic and further hit by recession he is being layed off. But if there was a service which was tracking his skills, current employment, world events and plotting career trajectory in realtime then it could have predicted the potential threat to his job very early during the pandemic and suggested a career pivot with necessary skill training, job vacancies etc.

    That's just one possibility of numerous other use cases of a service which can make career trend projections, in-fact I'm intrigued that LinkedIn hasn't rolled it out yet considering they have all the necessary data and compute facility; Perhaps they are testing individual modules of such system separately.

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