• My take on this problem is classify it into a couple of categories: 1. recommendations for things you only really need to do once (buy insurance, choose a college to attend, etc), and 2. things you do lots of times (eat breakfast, do chores, etc)

    Things that you only do once might merit more thought per instance, whereas things you do repeatedly might be easier to do more quickly due to having had more experience or more data working with them.

    For the first problem of having unrelated decisions to make, I don't have much advice other than that if it's possible to classify things in a way to make them slightly more repeated then that could be helpful. For example, buying insurance could be treated as an instance of buying something, and when buying something it could be interesting to know the value of your time to inform how much time to spend choosing.

    (I'm encountering a character limit so I'm splitting my response into a few comments)

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