Analysis of social media posts of anyone

posted by Yogesh Basu Ideator , 1496 days ago , show insights

I work as a freelance social media manager, as part of my work I have to analyse the performance of the social media posts of my clients and their competitors.

Twitter & Facebook themselves offer some form of analytics; Twitter offers for all profiles and Facebook offers it for Business pages, obviously they are limited to the user profile. Social media posting tools such as Hootsuite, Buffer offer insights for those posts posted via their platforms.

But, I need insights for the tweets and posts of others. Like their top performing tweets/posts, segmented categories, timings, gain/loss of followers according to their tweet/post, tweet/post sentiment, media categories etc.

I assume this kind of insights is possible from the public data as there are some tools like which gives deep insights about twitter followers and which gives insights about public tweets although is limited to 100.

I think if this need gap is fulfilled, the product could be indispensable for social media analysts.
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