Notification for selective portions of web/pdf

posted by Bakshara Ideator , 1514 days ago , show insights

There are still websites which provide daily updated data but don't have an app or even if they do; they don't provide notifications for the selective data I'm interested in. In such cases, I'm left with the only option to check those websites or apps regularly.

e.g. Commodity seller's price list, Banking sites which provide forex data.

Often, what I require from these pdf or other web content are just small pieces of information which can be sent over through notifications instead of having to spend the time in visiting these websites/apps or having to remember to do so.

Essentially I'm looking for a tool, which allows me to select a particular piece of information on the web or pdf to be sent as notifications at the intervals set by me, if the information is updated.

Has anyone else faced this problem? Or have a solution to this? do let me know.

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