Cheat sheet for everything in same design format

posted by Yogesh Basu Ideator , 1473 days ago , show insights

Students and professionals of different domains use cheat sheets for remembering what they learnt at a quick glance from web, written or printed notes. Some even refer to cheat sheets to find the information at a faster rate without having to go through the full documentation.

There are cheat sheets possibly for everything from cooking to medical education. Here's a collection of cheat sheets for different programming languages.

But since cheat sheets are made by different individuals, each cheat sheet has different design format. Different colors, arrangements of columns, fonts and text sizes makes the cheat sheets disjointed.

If there is a platform which builds and curates cheat sheets in a single format i.e. like Wikipedia for cheat sheet, it would make cheat sheets more accessible, seamless and mainstream.
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