How much will I be charged for my treatment

posted by Katy Jones Ideator , 1416 days ago , show insights

How much a patient is charged for a treatment in a private hospital is mostly opaque, until the patient receives the bill. It's common to get 2x - 3x times the projected costs for the treatment.

But, times are not normal; COVID-19 lockdown has cut private hospital revenue extensively as very few people are visiting hospitals for non-COVID related treatment and not many private hospitals are participating in treating COVID-19 patients. Even those private hospitals who are treating COVID-19 patients are charging extraordinarily high price for their treatment.

So, as the lockdown lifts private hospitals are sure to charge exuberantly and discriminately for providing treatments to compensate for their loss of revenue.

It's now more crucial than ever for a patient to get an idea of how much they will get charged for a treatment in a hospital, There are currently no means to know that. A public database where patients can share their hospital bills for everyone to see would helpful in creating transparency for private hospital charges and may also bring accountability from private hospitals.
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