What part of movie is censored in my country

posted by Yogesh Basu Ideator , 1783 days ago , show insights

I feel censorship on a movie, is against the artistic freedom and against the freedom of expression by itself. In my opinion a film should be rated for its content, to watch it or not should be under the discretion of the adult who pays for it.

Unfortunately, not all countries respect the artistic freedom or freedom of expression itself and so international movies which gets released in these countries are censored for various reasons including but not limited to adult content, gore, violence, language, political etc.

Often, I find that the international movies which are subjected to censorship has discontinuity and the viewers are robbed of the complete experience which their peers from the countries where movies aren't censored get.

I would like to know which part of the movie is censored, for what and how much does the scene(s) affect the continuity of the movie, so that I can decide whether I would want to spend my money in watching that movie in a theatre (or) should I wait for it to arrive in the Netflix or Amazon Prime or where ever the uncensored version of the movie is available.
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