Capturing good photos from any phone

posted by Abishek Muthian Ideator , 1457 days ago , show insights

I don't take pictures to post to social networks often, so I run my phone until software updates are available, as cameras are usually the only distinguishing feature even among flagships.

But, when I do take a photograph (usually insects, birds and animals) I would like the picture to be good. But, it is rarely the case as only few smartphone manufacturers have got the knack of capturing good photographs even though the hardware (sensor, lens, processor) are the same.

Their secret sauce lies in the machine learning powered image processing software, as spectacularly demonstrated by Google with their pixel lineup of phones and few other manufacturers.

So why not take that software to the cloud and let anyone get good quality photographs from any mobile? All current smartphones can capture images in RAW format, with better Internet bandwidth on the phone, a RAW format image can be uploaded to the cloud for ML - image processing while a lower quality JPEG can be displayed on the phone. Once processed, higher quality pictures can be shared to the social network or downloaded.

I think a phone camera app with this service can fill a large need gap of getting good photos on any phone.

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