At which point in the video, users pressed like

posted by Abishek Muthian Ideator , 1685 days ago , show insights

'Likes' are the current social currency and are integral part of the online video hosting sites like Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook etc. We can see the number of likes on the video, but we don't know at which point in the video users pressed the like button.

If the user likes are represented as some form of distribution graph overlaid at the bottom of the videos, we can skip to that part of the video directly if needed i.e. skipping to the good part of the video instantaneously.

Thinking about this, skipping to the good part of the video might be exactly the reason why the video hosting sites don't provide this feature as it could be used to skip Ads; then again Ads could be inserted right at the most liked segment of the video nor that I favour such practices or that it is not already happening.

But, this might further add up to the problem of limited attention, instant gratification as people might just watch only the most liked part.

There is a need gap for enabling public 'Like' analytics for videos by the video hosting sites. If you agree with this need gap, do share your opinion and let the video hosting sites listen to you.
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