Wearable low latency display for computers

posted by Abishek Muthian Ideator , 1722 days ago , show insights

I want computer output to be displayed as stereo vision on my eye glasses, just like any external monitor. This would be indispensable for anyone with accessibility issues and could improve productivity for even those without any medical issues if they want to operate their computer while lying flat on the bed.

When I was confined to the bed during recovery from debilitating surgery, I scoured for such a device which could help display computer output to my eyes while I lay on the bed but couldn't fine one which fills this need gap.

There are devices which advertise to fulfil such requirement, but fails to deliver their intended purpose. There are wired attachments to eye glasses, which project output from HDMI, but these are limited by resolution of the output and doesn't offer stereo vision i.e. it works on the single eye. There are full-fledged stereo vision glasses which display certain media services, web browser, FPV video feed as Picture-In-Picture (PIP) but not direct output from the computer.

Display and stereo vision optics technologies have grown exponentially thanks to VR, wireless wearable low latency display need gap should be fulfilled.
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