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I often want to learn about some topic, from very broad (like "C# programming") to very specific (like "Source Generators in C#"). There are lots of resources about any topic (blog posts, articles, videos, courses, books, etc.) and some are good, some bad. On Google, you get results sorted by some algorithm and they may not necessary be the best for learning or suitable for your level of knowledge (e.g., beginner/advanced). Search results are just not very well curated.

I imagine there should be a site where anyone could register links to such learning resources, organize them by topics and rate them, so the best resources for the topic are selected by the community.

I know that for programming topics, there are pages on GitHub like Awesome .NET or Awesome Flutter where people create curated lists of resources about some programming language. However, I believe this should be more unified and accessible also to other areas than programming. It should be similarly open for contributions like GitHub Pull Requests but not so complex.
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