Find made in India products on ecommerce sites

posted by Rahman , 1363 days ago , show insights

I would like to support Indian manufacturers and small industries in India. So, I deliberately buy India manufactured products on ecommerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm Mall etc.

But finding India manufactured products on ecommerce sites in India is not a straightforward affair, I need to dig around the manufacturer to find the country of origin. Luckily, the government ordered these ecommerce sites to display the 'Country of Origin' for all items. Which they are slowly complying to, but now I have to search for Country of Origin : India in the product description of every item I'm interested in manually as these ecommerce sites do not display it at a prominent location.

I would like to find an easier way to find products with Country of Origin : India on these ecommerce sites and I have seen several others expressing similar views.
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