Tell me when I'm out of Twitter Jail

posted by Ezekiel , 1288 days ago , show insights

I'm a social media manager and marketer so tweeting on behalf of my clients is part of my daily routine. But there's a problem especially for new accounts, if a new twitter account like/retweet/reply to a famous account then it's an immediate recipe for a shadow ban or Twitter Jail even if the purpose was completely innocuous.

Often, even tweeting the product/company url twice in a day can get one into trouble as Twitter's algorithms are very stringent towards new accounts without enough followers. This leads to the disappointment of my clients, who come to me when they release a product or launch their company and obviously the account I create for them would be new and likelihood of going to Twitter jail is very high.

Fortunately, Twitter releases you from the jail if the infraction isn't severe but there's no way to know when that will happen. It has taken couple of hours, couple of weeks or even never in my experience. There are services like which provide details about your Twitter Jail sentence but currently there's no way to know when you are out of the jail unless you manually check regularly.
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