Self reporting symptoms of long COVID

posted by Abishek Muthian Ideator , 1282 days ago , show insights

While second/third wave of COVID-19 has started to take its toll globally, horrors of long term symptoms from original COVID-19 survivors are coming to light.

Symptoms ranging from breathlessness, fatigue to damage in brain tissue from MRI scans have been reported by several COVID survivors including those who were asymptomatic initially and those who survived COVID without any hassle.

Since long term effects of COVID are just starting to being explored by researchers, medical practitioners are under-equipped with data to help their patients reporting symptoms of their long COVID. Self help online forums are reportedly playing a huge role for these COVID survivors to discuss about their persisting symptoms.

A dedicated platform to self report long-term COVID symptoms with provisions to intuitively collect scientific data would be invaluable to researchers and scientists around the world.
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