Cold chain systems to distribute COVID vaccine

posted by Abishek Muthian Ideator , 1278 days ago , show insights

As the vaccine for COVID-19 is on the horizon, world over nations are scrambling to upgrade their cold chain - logistics and supply chain to deliver the vaccine to their citizens when made available.

Vaccines generally require very cold temperatures for storage during distribution. Although several countries already have national vaccination program with cold chain infrastructure, COVID-19 vaccines announced so far have very stringent cold storage requirement of -20˚C to -80˚C making it difficult for distribution even for those countries.

Furthermore, these vaccines consists of multiple doses, so theoretically we are looking at last mile delivery of about at-least 15 Billion vaccines doses for a two dose COVID-19 vaccine.

This raises large need gap in several sectors where startups can participate directly or indirectly namely,

  • Vaccine Manufacturing (Optimization).
  • Fridge, Freezers (Storage).
  • Insulation materials (Temperature control).
  • Transportation (Air/Land).
  • Reliable temperature monitoring (IoT).
  • Inventory management, Distribution management (Cloud software, Database systems)
  • Post-Vaccine large scale health symptoms monitoring(Cloud software, IoT, Mobile apps, Encryption).
  • Strengthening telecommunication systems to handle the network pressure (Computer Networking, Cyber Security).
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