New skills from short projects for organizations

posted by Toufic_e , 1247 days ago , show insights

Hi all, since some weeks ago I have been diving in a new industry and learning new skills/knowledge. I have been creating small projects to showcase these skills. In the near future I would like to create a startup in the industry I am diving into. Before doing that, it would be great to have experience with organizations where I could help with my new skills/knowledge. In my view this would be a win-win. I would get to gain experience and use my new skills (before getting paid gigs and to build a portfolio), while organizations can benefit from the help in an area where they lack experience or time for.

Think about it as a very short project based internship. For a day-week max. For example, a small organization who wants help with their website and could use even basic knowledge of web development. You as a starting web developer or student, could help for two days In which organizations can benefit from someone helping them with their social media usage or web development.

Do you know of such platform? I would definitely be interested in trying it.

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