Deep Fake video generating SW for ethical usage

posted by Abishek Muthian Ideator , 1748 days ago , show insights

Deep Fake video is where the facial expression, speech of the person shown in the video aren't real and is computer generated using Machine Learning. Though the generation of deep fake videos fairly simple with right ML tools and setup, it is not yet available as a commercial grade software; though it may change soon.

There's lot of controversy surrounding deep fake videos for right reasons, as it could accelerate the Fake News/ Misinformation problem, but this need gap is for the ethical usage of deep fake (needs better name?) videos.

Online video consumption is growing at unprecedented rate, people spend inordinate amount of time (6hrs-8hrs/week) watching videos. Traditional content formats such as text, has already fallen out of favour. For someone who cannot indulge in the physical effort of creating videos can only rely upon deep fake video tech to generate video for them when a script is fed to it.

Besides, deep fake videos can save video production cost for all.
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