History based education for everything

posted by Abishek Muthian Ideator , 1219 days ago , show insights

When I learn new concepts,  focusing on the history behind the concept

i.e. why there was a need for it, what problem it solved, what was the

earlier iterations of it helps me to understand that concept in a much

more intuitive way.


  • Exploring how Pi was calculated 2000 years ago by Archimedes using n-gon and How the method was continued until Newton changed the landscape in 17th century by introducing his formula derived from geometric construction gives us greater understanding of geometry, arithmetic progression, calculus etc.[1]
  • How the usage of binary in the form of punch cards in Jacquard loom for repeating patterns in textiles; gives us the foundation of modern computing[2].
Wikipedia's history section does a decent job, but how about an in-depth, intuitive mechanism to learn concepts using its history?
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