Notice and fix common, small problems

posted by Jeff , 1159 days ago , show insights

I would like help noticing problems that seem too small to worry about myself, but have already been solved by other people, so I can take advantage of these known solutions.

For example, if I'm washing dishes by hand, and I don't really mind any individual instance of washing that much, it could still be nicer to buy a dishwasher anyway. Perhaps I don't know that there exists a non-leaky portable dishwasher; it could be nice to be given that idea as a suggestion.

Currently my best idea is just to focus on whatever is the single biggest problem and investigate how to solve that, but that doesn't address problems that are common to many people and that have easier solutions.

Unfortunately this seems to be complicated by a few factors, including the fact that various people can disagree about ways to fix things, and also that others people can feel more strongly about an issue than I do.
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