Business scale based alerts

posted by Yogesh Basu Ideator , 1122 days ago , show insights

When we run a small business, we use different services based on our scale(number of users) e.g. Cloud infrastructure services but the service provider itself has no information about our scale or goals and so the onus is upon us to properly scale the required infrastructure services depending upon the number of users.

Currently we can get alerts indirectly based upon our business scale e.g. When the API query limits hits a threshold or other monitoring rules(Network, Storage, CPU etc.). But we have to set each of those rules independently and there is no central product scale based monitoring service.

I feel there is a need gap for a centralized business scale based monitoring service which can send us alerts regarding our infrastructure services when our users grow or drop and not just based on the infrastructure resources. This can help us save money on our infrastructure services and also serve our customers without any interruption by not over-commissioning or under-commissioning.
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