Consumer level local distributed computing

posted by Abishek Muthian Ideator , 1193 days ago , show insights

Current Smartphones, Tablets for most is more powerful(compute) than their old computers. At this point we should be able to distribute the computing load across all our capable devices. Distributed Computing is now limited to scientific research, data science, machine learning and I feel it's high time we use it for solving some consumer problems.

I use low power computers by choice for my climate goals, So I have several low power task specific computing devices. Consider able to compress 2TB folder consisting of disjoint files using the CPU of computer, smartphone, tablet etc. If Handbrake could use distributed computing then the encoding could be much faster. Network is an Achilles heel for distributed computing, but average network bandwidth in home networks have been growing steadily.

The manufacturers themselves are unlikely to create an interoperable environment, but perhaps applications which function in the user space could fulfill this need gap.
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