Selling hardware products as a solopreneur

posted by Abishek Muthian Ideator , 1052 days ago , show insights

I want to sell hardware products internationally, But as a solopreneur meeting compliance for hardware locally and internationally is a nightmare and hence I settle for building SaaS products like most other indie hackers.

There are hardware product marketplaces like Tindie which help solopreneurs get their customers, But the seller has to still maintain the inventory and ship directly to the buyer. Today hosting a eCommerce website as an individual is not the limiting factor even for those who don't know to code, So the real need gap exists in removing the compliance and shipping hurdles.

With tough competition in SaaS industry, Building hardware products is a great way to differentiate our product line-up. With the rising number of solopreneurs I think it's high time this need gap gets addressed.

I have couple of ideas to address this which I'll share in the comments and would like to hear more from you.
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