Finding coach for any area of life

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Most people are above-average skill level in at least one specific area, yet are lacking in others. For instance, a med school student may be proficient at studying and memorization, but need help with self-care routines. A middle-aged married woman may have great advice for navigating interpersonal relationships but could stand to learn a lot about gardening. It would be great if there were some social media platform to connect users in a mentor/mentee capacity

  • There are endless self-help videos available on YouTube for any topic, but they do not offer the same level of individualized attention that a coach can provide
  • Traditional coaching in the desired area is always expensive and/or unavailable and/or too general. Furthermore, people are much more open about themselves if they can be anonymous
The challenge with this is how to validate a user's skill level in the area they claim to be skilled in, and how to incentivize users to coach others.
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