Online marketplace for hardware-tools in India

posted by Abishek Muthian Ideator , 970 days ago , show insights

There aren't any large scale McMaster-Carr type online supplier for hardware, tools or raw materials in India. With eBay gone, there seems to be an absolute vacuum in this space.

Large businesses can bulk-order hardware tools and materials directly from the source but makers, tinkerers and small businesses are dependent upon importing through overseas eCommerce sites which are often plagued with shipping issues and exaggerated costs.

eCommerce businesses selling electronics components and compute hardware catering to makers and tinkers in India seem to be doing very well, In fact Raspberry Pi foundation sells its product in India on day one through several suppliers like in developed markets and so there's no reason for why an online hardware marketplace catering to the same people shouldn't work out.

Now that Chinese eCommerce websites are also banned in India, It seems like a perfect opportunity to address the need-gap in online hardware marketplace
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