Safe, Easy self-hosted CCTV system

posted by Amaluna Ideator , 1032 days ago , show insights

People who don't want to send their house or business CCTV video to be stored by some company or don't want to pay yearly cloud subscription charges prefer self-hosted Network Video Recording(NVR). Self-hosting a home security camera setup now requires finding the right camera and setting it up with tools like Shinobi, ZoneMinder, Motion etc.

But self-hosting a CCTV setup has several problems,

  • Supported cameras are often low quality, riddled with bugs, never receive any firmware updates and send data outside the network.
  • Open-source CCTV solutions require separate computer to run while proprietary IP Cameras are self-contained solutions.
  • Setting up open-source CCTV software is beyond the technical capabilities for an average house or business owner.
  • Quality of motion detection are not on par with proprietary camera systems.
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