Plain T-shirt subscription service in India

posted by NerfHerder , 1748 days ago , show insights

I like plain T-shirts, from what I see in my office and outside; I guess so do many. Plain T-shirts are look neat, clean, time saving (even though I haven't taken the extreme measure of wearing single colour every day to avoid decision fatigue) and most importantly it is appropriate for an office environment.

I want a good quality plain T-shirt of different colour sent to me every month for a reasonable price. There are clothing subscription services in India, but they do exactly opposite of what I need; they cater to the fashion (or is it anti-fashion) conscious customers and so they include shoes, belt, glasses & what not along with mediocre clothing at a premium price.

I would happily pay half of what the current clothing subscription services charge for just a different coloured T-shirt every month.
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