Very high bus factor among solo founders

posted by Abishek Muthian Ideator , 1014 days ago , show insights

The "bus factor" is the minimum number of team members that have to

suddenly disappear from a project before the project stalls due to lack

of knowledgeable or competent personnel. -Wikipedia.

The bus factor is very high among solo founders, solopreneurs and indie hackers because they are often the only person working on the product and when they're unable to continue working due to any number of reasons the product is immediately dead. Investors rarely invest in the startups of solo founders due to this.

Even typical startups run by solo founders with employees, investors are always at the risk of high bus factor because they're often the sole decision maker of the startup, leading to various problems ( /problems/27 ) if they're suddenly incapacitated.

Straightforward solution to reduce the bus factor is to get co-founders(s), qualified team and hedge the risks. But being a solo founder has its benefits and there's need-gap in solutions to reduce the impact of high bus factor among those who have decided to be a solo founder.
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