Minimal home-building game for LDR couples

posted by ayu-in-manila , 906 days ago , show insights

Currently in a long-distance relationship with my boyfriend and we've been looking for games we can both play just to be in the same space.

We tried so many already like Minecraft, which we purchased for our laptops but his internet couldn't handle being on my server. He even purchased "It Take Two" only to find out that it doesn't cross-platform (we will still play it when I see him). We also found other alternatives like Stardew Valley and Genshin Impact and basically, every other MMORPG's out there. But we've decided we just want a minimal home-building game we can both play on our phones. No other farming, not even stories, no quests.

We liked the concept of Adorable Home. Too bad that app isn't an online multiplayer, even for just 2 people. It's so calming and simple. We just want a "home to come home to" while we're apart.
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