Color inaccuracy in mobile displays

posted by Abishek Muthian Ideator , 858 days ago , show insights

Color accuracy varies drastically across mobile(smartphone, tablet) displays which results in poor presentation in the applications dependent upon accurate colors like Fashion, Art, Paints etc. leading to their respective industries not being able to leverage mobile ecosystem to its full extent.

The color inaccuracy on mobile displays stems from several variables:

  • Display Technologies( LCD, OLED etc.) and Subpixel matrix schemes(Standard, Pentile etc.).
  • Color Space( sRGB, DCI-P3) and Color Gamut(Different coverage of color space).
  • Color modes(LiveDisplay, True Tone etc.) according to ambient lighting conditions.
  • Adaptive Brightness.
  • Display calibration by the manufacturer.
  • Screen protection(Tempered glass, plastic etc.) and Privacy filters.
The problem is more pronounced with the android ecosystem(~ 73% market share) due to its fragmentation, Apple devices relatively display accurate colors across a particular model.

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